Heidi Boucher - Everything Visual, Always Exceptional -

Film, Videos, Theater, & Events
Detail is vital to the artistic aesthetic of a film, commercial or special event. The smallest elements are essential to telling the visual story and contribute to the overall mood and quality of a production, creating authenticity for the viewer and building a believable space to engage the performers. Total immersion in bringing to life an original concept is Heidi’s trademark. From selecting the tiniest button on a jacket to the overall color scheme, nothing is overlooked in enlivening a space.

In feature films, music videos, commercials and special events – making magic, creating beauty, transforming the mundane, working with nothing, inspiring enchanting places and visual surprises – that’s what Heidi does, and she does it with total commitment and dedication.

Heidi has art directed and built award winning designs for them all. To discuss your next project with Heidi, call (916) 601-9134 or email [email protected]

Art Director & Production Design

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